How not to do PR

Recent news from both News Limited and Fairfax media companies about their strategic (code for mass redundancies) was seen by one public relations consultancy as an opportunity.

An employee, with or without permission or even encouragement from management, decided to post a ‘thought leadership’ article about the advantages PR consultants could leverage with ‘less journos’ in place at the above mentioned companies on industry journal Mumbrella.

This was widely received as ‘biting the hands that feed you’ by many in the comments. Some took the poor girl’s side, still some took aim at the publication, the consultancy and each other.

Below is a screen shot of Mango PR client page at the time of publication. Let’s see how it changes over the coming days and weeks as brand, communications and marketing managers from these companies realise that never another release from Mango will ever move from a journos inbox past the trash.

UPDATE (3 Nov 2012): This incident was mentioned by Mark Colvin (@colvinius) in his Andre Olle Media Lecture. Mr Colvin’s address is available in transcript and audio. Mandatory for any media  professional.