Bye Bye Dougie et al

Pizza Hut have finally killed off Dougie, the deliver driver character who was created in the early nineties and played by a up and coming actor whose name escapes me. I do remember said actor was in Water Rats and also involved in serious car accident causing GBH to a female passenger. At the time charges were to be laid and Pizza Hut moved Dougie away from being the front man of the ads and introduced ‘trainees’ who were being taught to deliver the Pizza Hut way by Dougie.
The Dougie charcter introduced us to the one liner; ‘How ’bout a tip’. ‘Be good to your mother’.
The replacement is comedian Peter Rowsthorn (Comedy Company, Kath & Kim) doing a to-camera rave about the product. Obviously he had nothing to do with the script because it’s not got a funny thing about it.