Earth Hour 2010

Once again I ventured out to capture what was promised to be a spectacular demonstration of individuals and corporations proclaiming together that something must be done about climate change. Yeah, I know that doesn’t make much sense and neither does Earth Hour anymore.

Annual events like Earth Hour need to make changes to the patter every year tin order to remain relevant. I’ve now made a time lapse movie of Sydney during each of the four Earth Hours and it’s easy to see that this year had FAIL all over it. My interest is only because it affords Larso and myself the opportunity to blaze up on the only thing Cuba exports of any value; cigars!

For the event this year it appeared that the word didn’t get around too well. Most people I spoke to didn’t know it was on and those that did thought it started at 7:30. So did a few building managers by the looks. The Millionaires’ Factory did their best but forgot to come back on. Australia Square went off, came on to early and had to shut down again. Westpac went off way too early. And the harbour party boats had the festoon lights on overdrive.