Safety Not Guaranteed (2012)

The title comes from the warning in a classifieds advertisement, published in a US newspaper, “WANTED: Someone to go back in time with me. This is not a joke. You get paid after we get back. Must bring your own weapons. SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED. I have only done this once before.”

Safety Not Guaranteed leads you in a very straight line telling the story of a guy who is obviously nutsy crazy but ultimately harmless. But, it explores the human emotion of regret, and the path not taken. Is it possible to go back in time, change things up, and live happily ever after…?

This little indie flick punches above its weight and delivers an ending that is far from expected. Or is it?

3.5 flipping pin point calibrations out of 5


The Dark Knight Rises (2012)


Bringing one of the most anticipated stories to a conclusion that would appeal broadly to the die hard fans, n00bs and TV generation was never going to be easy. As a major block buster many will write much more about this film than I intend.

For as brilliant as this movie is, it’s still too long, too American (there’s a NFL game featured where a soprano, (not Tony, unfortunately) sings the Star Spangled Banner and as pointed out by friend, the ‘Pit’ is nowhere near as depressing as Bane implies.

Still, The Dark Knight Rises is easily 5 out of 5 henchmen.

Prometheus (2012)

Others will and have written detailed accounts of this movie so I will limit this review to WooHoo!

Prometheus is visually stunning to look at. You may be happy to pick apart the plot lines but I prefer to enjoy a good story with plenty of action and thinking. Yes, the dude who got freaked out by a dead Engineer was then more than happy to play with the alien snake. Not a happy ending for him. Doesn’t matter. What’s the green stuff? What’s the black stuff? Is it the same stuff? Are the worms aliens? Are the aliens worms?

The amount of unanswered questions leads to one conclusion: get ready for Prometheus 2 and possibly 3.

There’s no doubt the pre-release marketing was nothing short of amazing. Specifically the TED talk, set in the 2023 which introduces Peter Weyland is simply brilliant. Watch it before the seeing the movie and look out for scene which ‘David’ watches the story Weyland recounts in his speech.

3.5 very scary aliens out of 5.