7, 9 & 10 v 80,000

Eddy may control the high jinx on 1 v 100 but the network he controls is about to get a mass of competitors and not from Foxtel either.

Back in January amid the hype of Apple’s iPhone, Mr Jobs announced AppleTV, which is due to land any day now. This device is a little smaller than the smallest of pizza boxes and plugs into your widescreen TV. So what? So this; anything that you download to your computer, Mac and PC, that goes into iTunes will play on your TV. Sick of game show after crime show after reality show. No problem. Flick over to one of the video podcasts you subscribe to (for free) and watch the latest show.

Apple is already gearing up for the arrival the product into stores very soon with
AppleTV Podcast Showcase.

Also, the latest version of iTunes has a change in the preferences of great note. Now you can change the Parental settings to conform to Australian ratings. This has lead many to speculate that availabily of TV shows and movies from the iTunes Music Store is imminent – in the same way that Australia got access to the iTMS many, many months after other countries.

But right now the job I wouldn’t want is marketing director at a large multinational-carbonated-breakfast-cereal-snack-food-automobile-fast-moving-consumer-good manufacturer. Where am I going to place my ads? What shows are my eaters/drinkers/drivers/consumers watching? Fuel Time! TreehuggerTV! Southerby’s Private View! My media buyers haven’t told me about these shows. What networks are they on?

Naughty PR comany. Naughty!

If you’ve got a dud product do a recall ASAP. No two ways about it; a mia culpa beats a multi-million dollar pr nightmare that ain’t no campign going to fix.

Memo to LG: Fire Burson-Marsteller for this stuff-up. Because when this shit hits the fan (stories in the broadsheets), you think any journo is going to be taking calls from these twits? I don’t think so.

Link: Smarthouse News – LCD.