Labor ready for Costello coup, secret research shows

Left Field: Headline: Labor ready for Costello coup, secret research shows.

I clearly remember prior to the 2007 Federal Election calling into ABC 702's Breakfast Show with Adam Spencer. He had a professor of politics on who was rabbiting on about the Howard v Rudd situation. The conversation moved to alternatives to Howard as the polling was running about 99 to 1 at that point.
My question, which I thought was obvious, 'Do you think that Labor would be running internal polls on Costello?' 

The expert was taken aback and responded in the typical manner of a cornered dog – and attacked. 'Of course not' was his very abrupt reply. So abrupt Adam thought it would be best ask a follow up question based on mine. This got the expert very upset and he changed the subject in an effort to deflect his obvious unexpertedness.

My point is; an expert need not be a know-it-all. In fact a relationship will be built if you are able to listen to your audiences' point of view and reflect upon it, rather than rejecting it outright or trying to belittle them.

So good then crap

Is it any wonder Sydney’s The Daily Telegraph is mostly used for wraping fish and chips or lining bird cages. At the end of a well written and balanced article is the following pearler:

‘The Iguanas affair – in which Ms Neal allegedly threatened the jobs and liquor licence of staff at the Gosford nightspot – has threatened to destroy the Government.”

Destroy the government? Are you fucking kidding me? Which government and on what planet!

Interesting the hack/s who penned this thought better to put their name to this crap. It could well have been the trusty idiots who call them sub-editors – not good enough to be editors or journos, just, well, sub. In all ways of life really.

But you tell me; does the last par strike you as out of context to the rest of the story?
Link: Iguanas scandal ends Belinda Neal’s career |

The Iguanas affair – in which Ms Neal allegedly threatened the jobs and liquor licence of staff at the Gosford nightspot – has threatened to destroy the Government.

Retailers cane Sunrise over bully tactic

Link: <a title="Retailers cane Sunrise over bully tactic | Entertainment” href=”,26278,23753015-10388,00.html”>Retailers cane Sunrise over bully tactic | Entertainment.

This is a fascinating story. Boland tries to take the moral high ground using the Rudd 07 campaign line of ‘Working Families”, but falls flat because no one of the big 3 wants to play ball. Then the big 3 decide to hang Boland out to dry in the Sunday press.
Now sit back and wait. Will Boland and his team at Sunrise (ratings falling every day) step up the campaign? Or will he run away?
I think this was a neat idea executed poorly. Very poorly, Mr Boland. I suggest next time you or one of your dream team hatches a plan like this you run it past your marketing team (experts) in house counsel (more experts) and your corporate communications experts too. With a bit of thinking (big end of town style) you could have made this work.
How long with Mr Boland’s masters continue to let him make the network look like idiots and stand over merchants to their clients, ie advertisers?
If I were from those big 3 my first move would be to take all my advertising from 7 and ask Mr Stokes for a please-fucking-explain. And if I was any other 7 network advertiser I would be very worried that on-air mentions now constitute editorial enhancements. Actually, from a viewers POV, I’m worried about that too.

The secret to getting rich: get other people to do the work for free!

The major media outlets have for a long time been wanting your images and videos to use in their broadcasts and editions. Now the cheap skates have gone one step further and are telling people what they want! We want it for free but we want you to do it better

It used to be that media outlets paid for rare pix. Now they just expect us to provide them with content.

This is how Rupert gets to be a billionaire; not paying for professionally trained photographers or videographers and letting the consumer believe that the crappy hand held image or video was the best they could get.

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