Crap Ad, Ahm

Nothing is sadder than seeing a past sporting hero doing bad ads in prime-time; any time actually. Steve Waugh, one of the greatest Australian cricket captains has now sunk to the depth of mediocrity with his staring role in what can onlybe described as a crap ad for health insurer AHM.
To make things worse, there is a whole campaign based on this woeful idea of Waugh answering questions put to him by, in the first case a panel of ‘journalists’ and secondly by some of his ‘mates’ with the absurd response, ‘Ahm’. Purile at best.

Nice pair

Holeproof launched their new non-slip socks this week with a cute little TVC featuring a dog slipping and sliding on polished floor boards. The little mutt then enters a bedroom to see all the family wearing the new socks. A simple little product dmonstration with cute little doggy. Not a Gold Lion, but it did make me smile.

OMO – Brillliant!

This is the only ad I have seen recently that made me want to talk to people about it. The new strap line is “We love dirt”. Just a brilliant ad. The first great ad in this category since the one where the guy in a nightclub gets the girl to write her number on his t-shirt. Next morning the guys flat mate has washed the t-shirt, clean. And that was 10 years ago.

Must be election tiime…

Oh no, the Libs (NSW opposition) just played the first ad in their campaign. The extremely witty and original ‘rat on a wheel running and running’ theme. Do you think the guys who came up with that think they had something new for an election ad? Probably. My question is this; did the rat come from the opposition’s front bench or back bench?


So my car needs a service – there is no fucking way that bunch of dancing fools from Lubemobile are going anywhere near it. That stupid song is crap.

The First Podcast…

… is getting closer. George Betis, principal of VCD, agreed to be my first victim/guest and was, as usual, just fantastic. I on the other hand proved that my abilty at writing ads was far superior to my probing journalist skills.
However, the meat from this interview resulted in two very big things; a change of direction for this blog and podcast, and a new business idea…stay tuned, or rather stay online…