A brief, open letter to Paul Keating

Dear Mr Keating,
You of all people need no reminding of the importance of the Barangaroo development site. It is more than a once in a generation opportunity, it is a once in history opportunity.

As such there are many with specific interest in the site and the majority of those have profit as their main motivator.

Your role as a guardian of Sydney’s architectural and planning oversight through your commentary in all forms is not only required but is your duty. Resigning your post as Chair of the Design Review Panel is unacceptable.

There is no way you could have anywhere near the influence being outside the decision process of this development. To wit, it is in the national interest that you immediately take whatever steps necessary to reverse your resignation from the aforementioned post and continue to fight for this unique development.

No matter what obstacles are put in your path by politicians, bureaucrats or lobbyists you must as you have always done find creative ways to sidestep their efforts for the good of the residents of Sydney, the state of NSW and the future of Australia.

This is an opportunity for you to leave a lasting legacy. It is up to you if that legacy is of failure or triumph.

Regards etc,

Craig Ashley Russell